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The MEIER GROUP Architects, PLC was founded in 2000, by William Meier AIA, with the goal of creating an architectural firm that would provide excellent architectural design service for a variety of project types.

We create environments for people to live in, work in, and enjoy.

We value a high degree of creativity in the process of designing environments that are functional, aesthetic, effective, enduring & efficient. We approach every project with the fresh anticipation and expectation that the project will be unique and make its own statement. A successful project achieves enduring greatness, serves its users well and meets the financial expectations of its developers.

We value the team process which involves many people who contribute their expertise to the successful design process. We provide the leadership to bring about excellence & integration in every phase of the design process. The team we bring together develops the synergy necessary to create exciting designs which are enduring in nature and meet the needs of the users of the environment. Our group is able to respond to the needs of those we serve.

We desire that the experience of our clients to be a joy. Our high goal is to create and sustain relationships with those we serve. Our purpose in every project is, together with you, to enjoy the journey, create exciting and enduring architecture of quality design. We work to exceed your expectations and those of the building users. Our hope is that you will allow us to serve you in the designing your project.

Integrity and honesty permeates everything that we do. The concerns of our clients are given great attention and the trust that is given us is held with great care and honor. We are highly qualified architects who work together with our consultants to create accurate documents for the construction of our designs.

Currently we are providing services for commercial, institutional & residential projects. Project types include: Mixed-Use Developments, Multi-Family Developments [Condominiums & Apartments], Medical & Hospital Projects, Educational Projects, Child Care Centers, Instructional Learning Centers, Retail Developments, Office Developments, Churches, Banks, Manufacturing Buildings, & Single-Family Residences.

Meier Group Architects, Ann Arbor, Michigan, MI